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Five Things to Know This Week

Five Things to Know This Week


This is our plea to you to ask, “Have we forgotten any action with you that needs to be completed by yearend?” If so, we need to hear from you! Some potential actions that come to mind: finalizing your Roth conversion, completing gifts to family or charity, or transferring money to your personal checking to cover your final estimated tax payment. Please contact us right away and let us know how we can help you finish your year-end list!


As we complete our holiday shopping and wrap up projects around the house in time to celebrate the New Year, the need for a cash transfer may arise. Please review all upcoming expenses and alert us by this Thursday if you’ll need any transfers!


We have prepared pre-year-end tax information for your tax preparer. While these are not the final totals for 2020, they will allow for tax planning by your tax preparer. If we do not have contact information for your tax preparer or you have recently made a change, please contact our office with your tax preparer’s name, e-mail, and phone number. We’ll also ask you to authorize approval for us to contact them on your behalf as it pertains to your taxes.


You may be seeing a lot of advertisements from resorts outside of the U.S. offering significant discounts and seemingly generous rescheduling options for the Summer/Fall of 2021. These resorts are offering these deals because they are starving for cash income during the pandemic and are betting on open travel once a vaccine is released. We still think it’s too early to plan for vacation because it’s not just about the vaccination release, it’s about the vaccination adoption. We know that many of you can’t wait to get out into the world once it’s safe again, but we suggest you wait until we have a clearer picture of what travel will look like in the future before you buy a vacation package. There is a lot of small print associated with the purchase and it may not be as flexible as it seems. Pay special attention to the cancellation policy and whether or not a refund or credit for future stay will be issued in the event you or they need to cancel, should you choose to make a reservation at this time.


Our office, along with many others, has embraced the work from home trend. As such, we’ve been working out the kinks and learning what works best for our staff and clients alike. Here are some tips on how we can all get the most out of our video conference calls:

As always, we are here as a resource for those that you care about and for. If you are worried that your family and/or friends may have been given improper financial guidance or are losing their hard-earned assets, we are available for a free second opinion or guidance to make sure they stay financially safe.

Be well and have a wonderful week!