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Mary Lu Hughes

Lead Investment Manager


I grew up on a farm in a small town on the New York/Pennsylvania border.  My father believed that completing a job to the best of your ability and kindness towards all creatures would make you a better person.  I have carried these values with me all of my life and I incorporate them into everything that I do. When I meet with someone, I really want to know their needs and wants and I find great satisfaction in helping them to achieve their goals.

Prior to coming to 1 North, I worked for a hazardous waste recycling company for 18 years.  This was an interesting position, but also one that wasn’t particularly good for my health. A mid-life crisis resulted in a career change.  I had studied accounting during my college years, so I went to work for an accounting firm. Accounting wasn’t the right fit for me either but at this firm is where I met my mentor, Jim Brennan.  In 2005, I began working at 1 North in client services and my interest in investments and investment advisory started to grow. After much encouragement (and nagging) from Jim, I got my Series 65 license to qualify as an Investment Advisor Representative.  Investing has become my passion and I get to work with some wonderful people while getting paid for it!

While my work passion is investing, my personal passions are my husband, my daughter and her husband, my son and his wife and my sweet grandson.  Not to be forgotten (they wouldn’t let me) are my two Australian Shepherds and the two cats that rescued me.

I love what I do and do what I love!

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