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Samantha Bartgis

Client Services Coordinator


Growing up and going to school in New York City has given me an appreciation for how big the world truly is and how important it is for me to do my part to improve the lives of the people with whom I interact at home, work and in my community.

For 11 years I worked for the fast fashion retail giant ZARA. When I began with ZARA there were only 7 stores in the USA. Growing the company’s presence in the states put me at the forefront of development in many departments; from Information technologies to logistics and human resources. Opening new markets and training thousands of employees across the country taught me that people are the most valuable resource a company has. Being able to provide my teams, and our clients, the highest level of customer service not only grew the monetary value of the company but also became a large part of my personal and professional journey. ZARA today has over 50 stores in this  country and is the largest clothing retailer in the world.

In 2015 I took on a new role as a Mother, by far the hardest job I ever had but one that has inspired me to continue learning and growing. Being able to stay home with my son for two years was a gift I cherished every day and it made me realize the importance of planning for the future. When deciding to get back into the workforce I knew I needed to find a company that not only had high standards of work ethic and dedication but valued family and people. When I met with Jim and Laurie I was immediately impressed with the firm they had built and with their overwhelming enthusiasm for their team and clients. As the newest member of the One North family I have been learning the business and culture of the company’s day to day functions but what has captivated me most was how much individual attention we provide to our clients.  They are not treated as file numbers. I’ve seen Jim, Laurie and the team drop everything and stay late into the night to help clients during the hardest moments of their lives. Every client is a valued member of our family and we aim to foster meaningful relationships to benefit their wealth management and life goals.

I’m extremely thankful to be able to work at a firm that puts people first. At One North Wealth Services, we work hard for your family so that you may enjoy your time together!  When this city girl with manicured nails and high heels leaves the office, I spend my weekends fishing and playing in the mud with my husband and son.

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