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Five Things to Know This Week

Five Things to Know This Week

1. Economic Update

The past week has been full of economic releases, but the most notable was the International Monetary Fund’s June World Economic Outlook released on Wednesday, June 24th. The report spooked markets during the day as the IMF revised its global growth projections downward. According to the IMF, global growth is estimated to be down 4.9% in 2020, which is a 1.9% downward revision from April. Additionally, the IMF has projected 2021’s global growth to be 5.4%, roughly 6.5% lower than its 2021 estimates back in January 2020. The IMF stated that 2020 is the first time ever that all regions are estimated to have negative growth. These downward revisions and estimates demonstrate the potential for a long recovery. There are many factors that could change these numbers in either direction, such as advances in effective treatments, policy making, containment of the virus, and monetary stimulus or the lack thereof. Overall, we continue to believe the impact from the virus is great and until there are significant improvements, we will remain tactical in our approach.

2. Betting On the Stock Market is the New Internet Sensation

Casinos are closed. Sporting events are on hold. Stimulus checks are in the bank. What do Americans bet on? The stock market, of course! Since March, Robinhood, Acorn, and other day-trading investors have been betting on speculative stocks based on momentum rather than valuation. For example, on May 22nd Hertz filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and its shares closed at 56 cents. By June 8th, the stock was priced at $5.53/share. The Hertz balance sheet did not miraculously recover in 2 weeks! Social media has numerous investor forums and message boards driving speculative traders into stocks without the knowledge to understand the underlying value of the companies they are investing it. The problem with uninformed trading is that you can lose it all and potentially more, if borrowing on margin is involved.

We do not get involved in speculative trading. We will continue to manage your assets based on your stated long-term financial needs, but we do understand if you want to try your hand at some market speculation. We can assist you in setting up an account for those purposes and we will be happy to talk to you if you have questions regarding investments that you are considering. Along the way, we will educate you on the risks involved as well as the correct way to make an intelligent estimate of a riskier company’s future worth.

If you want to venture into your own trading, do the following:

  1. Do you research on the company’s fundamentals;
  2. Learn how to buy and sell at the stock price that you want through limit and stop orders; and
  3. Get to know market fluctuation and volatility.

3. Don’t Delay Medical Treatment

As the country moves forward in various stages of reopening while several states are seeing spikes in new COVID-19 cases, you may feel like isolating is the only way to stay safe. Your wellbeing needs to come first. Schedule and keep your preventative health appointments and seek specialist care when needed. Set up calendar alerts for annual vaccines and ask your pharmacist about auto-refilling regular prescriptions and deliver services. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical service buildings have been making patient safety their top priority. You can find the CDC Guidance for healthcare facilities here: Contact your doctor or service office prior to your appointment and find out what precautions and steps they are taking for your safety. Many providers are also offering telemed appointments to limit exposure. Here is a GoodRX article that could help you determine if telemedicine or telehealth is the right fit for you and your family:

4. Pet Safety for 4th of July

As avid animal lovers, we’d like to remind you that while 4th of July can be fun for humans, it can sometimes present a myriad of dangers for your pets. Here is a helpful article from the ASPCA with some important reminders: While it’s easy for us to keep our pets safe in our own homes, we can’t control the actions of our neighbors. If there is a chance that fireworks could be a part of the celebration in your neighborhood, remember to keep your beloved pets indoors and in a calm, safe, and secure environment. Speaking to them in a calm tone and a reassuring manner, without reinforcing any fear they may be feeling, will help prevent any increased panic. Celebrate safely, friends!

5. Web Access/Quarterly Reports

As the quarter comes to a close, you’ll receive an email from to notify you when your Quarterly Performance Report has been posted (approximately 10 days after quarter end). In addition to accessing your quarterly reports through your 1NWS Client Portal, you can run your own reports on demand and view portfolio holdings, position allocations, and 1NWS-exlcusive newsletters. To log in, please visit If you need to reset your credentials, please contact our office. For monthly account statements, tax documents, and real-time account activity, please visit for Schwab accounts and for TD accounts.

As always, we are here as a resource for those that you care about and for. If you are worried that your family and/or friends may have been given improper financial guidance or are losing their hard-earned assets, we are available for a free second opinion or guidance to make sure they stay financially safe.

Be well and have a wonderful week!